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5 benefits of working in an office

When businesses are starting out, it might seem like renting an office is a 5-year goal, but there are many benefits of getting out of your trackies and taking up an office suite.

It’s not as costly as you think

At Regal, we offer so many office packages that there’s something to suit every budget. Starting a new business can be costly if you need to outlay equipment, staff and products, but renting an office doesn’t need to break the bank.

Motivation for growth

They say, “you are the company you keep”, so being surrounded by other business people will only empower you to stay motivated.

Social network

We mentioned that being around other like-minded individuals has a positive effect on you but the social network you discover when working in an office is also very important. You can bounce ideas off one another, interact with a human rather than a washing machine and be able to introduce yourself and your business to one another – which can possibly lead to business!

Look the part

If you’re meeting at cafes to have client meetings, or continuously going to their premises, it is time to consider an office suite. Not only is it peace of mind that you have somewhere to hold meetings, but you have a point of contact for your mail, phone enquiries or walk-ins. We have a receptionist that will greet all your clients, as well as take messages and help you with administration duties. Looking the part is just as important as acting the part!

Location, location

Because our office suites are located in the heart of Mittagong, in the Southern Highlands, means it’s easy access for those travelling to and from Sydney or Canberra. There’s parking on-site and the main freeway access is only 10 minutes away.

If you’re thinking of taking the next step in your business venture, look no further than Regal Serviced Offices. There’s short-term and long-term office suites, as well as conference and meeting rooms for hire and virtual packages.

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