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Client Gifting this Festive Season

It’s not surprising that consumers have more choice than ever when it comes to buying products and choosing clients they want to deal with. Customer retention is more important than ever now – so how do you, as a business owner, help to build that relationship with clients and customers?

With Christmas around the corner, we thought one way businesses could seek point of difference is through gifting!

Here are some ‘do’s and don’ts’ about gift giving this festive season and why going that little bit extra can make all the difference.

1. Say it with style and personalise

It’s important that with any gift for a client, there has been thought put into it. Do they like drinking red wine? What are their hobbies? Get to know what your client likes and dislikes so you can give them something that you know will put a smile on their face.

And once you’ve purchased a gift for them, be sure to personalise it somehow. Adding a gift tag and addressing the present can add that extra touch.

2. It doesn’t need to break the bank Set a realistic budget so that you aren’t taking out a loan to buy your client a gift. Be practical and remember, as long as there is meaning in what you’re giving your client, it won’t matter.

3. Don’t make it a promotional act The whole motive behind gift giving is that you are thanking your clients and customers and offering a caring gesture. Do not end up making it a promotional act. Including your business logo on the gift tag is fine, but don’t pop flyers and special offers amongst the gift – it’s inappropriate.

At the end of the day, Christmas time is a joyful occasion but it’s important as a business owner, that we recognise our clients and thank them for the year that’s been.

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