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We spoke to Lashed Up, our 'Business of the Month'

Here at Regal Professional Centre we have a variety of businesses - ranging from financial and legal services, building and engineering industries, through to beauty services.

This week we interviewed Karen from Lashed Up and if there's one person who is passionate about making her clientele feel special, this is your lady!

Have a read of what we discovered.

Tell us a bit about your business. What inspired you to start lash extensions?

With a passion for making people feel good about themselves, and coming from the beauty industry, Karen Bramble started Lashed Up in 2018.

“Lashed Up is about helping people feel beautiful. I want to give people an experience that makes them smile,” explained Karen.

What services do you offer?

Lashed Up offer classic and hybrid lash extensions. The business also offers special occasion lashes for those who have weddings, parties or other events on.

“As well as offering special occasion lashes, I also have on-going clients who request regular infills,” added Karen.

Your business is in Mittagong and you, yourself, have been a local resident to the Southern Highlands for years! How long have you been a local?

“I’ve been a local to the Southern Highlands for over 25 years,” explained Karen.

Growing up in the Wollondilly Shire, she’s always been a stone throw away but Karen and her family really enjoy living here and what it has to offer for business owners, tourists and families.

“I really enjoy being able to service the local residents of the Southern Highlands. People that you know from the area and often see outside of the studio, where you can say hello and have a chat,” said Karen.

What’s one tip you can give to people who wear eyelash extensions?

“If there’s one tip I want to get out to people it’s that clean lashes are happy lashes,” says Karen.

“Looking after your lashes will help preserve their condition, so it’s important to keep them clean,” Karen added.

You’re a bit of a fashionista yourself… what is one piece of clothing that you absolutely adore?

Karen had a lot of trouble choosing one piece of clothing – as well as one designer that she loves, so we suggested that she tell us everything she adores!

“I absolutely love Australian designers as well as second-hand clothing. It’s better for the environment and there are some fantastic pieces of clothing you can pick up from Facebook groups, opportunity stores (particularly in Newtown) as well as eBay,” Karen explained.

“I can’t go past vintage clothing and the brands I adore are Gorman, Obus and Nobody denim,” Karen added.

If you could be one celebrity, who would you be?

“Personally, I think you should be yourself and not aspire to copy anyone else but if I HAD to choose someone, it would be Pink (Alicia Moore),” said Karen.

“She’s strong, musically talented and a great role model for younger women today. She also stands up for what she believes in and I think that’s important,” explained Karen.

And finally, where did your business name come from? What was the inspiration in your branding?

Karen explained that the business name, ‘Lashed Up’ came from being something memorable and feminine.

“I chose a name that was recognisable with my services and I wanted the brand to resemble feminine and luxurious lashes,” said Karen.

If you’re thinking of getting eyelash extensions or are wanting to find somewhere local to have them done, look no further than Lashed Up. Located in the Regal Professional Centre, 1/118 Main St, Mittaong or give Karen a call on 0408 025 632. Alternatively, visit the website,

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